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Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

February 29-March 4


The works presented in this exhibition address my investigations into extending Minimalism's interest in anonymity and relational aesthetics while adhering to my own predetermined parameters. I am inspired by observed form and composition along with the transformation of mundane and knowable materials into uncertain sculptures that highlight their physical properties. I emphasize the material presence of the work and spatial ambiguities, while rejecting the norms of traditional artistic production.


The use of conventional fine arts materials and methods to recreate familiar everyday objects questions whether exploring and highlighting the physical properties of the materials can actually stand as works of art. No matter what form the final piece may have, it must begin with an idea. I find my successful ideas generally have a simple appearance stemming from intuition.


In this sense I work in response to mundane ideas and materials, sometimes found objects, others purchased from the hardware store. Through the process of trial and frequent error along with the combination of concept and intuition, I aim to provoke a visceral reaction that investigates the physical and psychological qualities of materials. My impulse to put these everyday objects together places emphasis on the subtle relationships that question the viewer’s experience. When complete, the work relates to contemporary installation and experience based work that keeps the viewer poised in a state of slight unease, making one highly aware of their own physicality within the space and forcing them to rely on their own sense of awareness. These are the works that need participants in order to reach their potentials.


Photo Documentation by Nathan Ward

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