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Alberto Careaga

L/NE work

April 15 - May 14, 2016



Within his work, he is currently investigating familiar spatial or architectural aspects through an interdisciplinary studio practice to understand the actuality of our immediate space.

He uses bold formal elements, specifically line, color and placement, which infer to possible sites through panels and drawings or even distort the present physical space of the viewer through site-specific installations. Through the act of blurring and displacing reminiscent architectural components, such as entryways, planes, steps, he creates places that bend our sense of reality.  

To an extent, these locations depicted are stripped of a sense of time or history. In many ways, He is decoding what was originally an intimate space - perhaps the idea of home. In doing so, the discourse turns towards contemplating or questioning what is the contemporary conception of space and how is this changing our phenomenological approach to our own environment?

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