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Brickwork and Street VIew Series

Sharon Massey

January 6-February 6



This new series is a response to the density of architecture in rust-belt cities like Pittsburgh, in contrast to suburbia, sprawl, and strip malls. She is drawn to the crowded streets and alleyways, the rich patchwork of brick, paint, siding, and architectural details that suggest layers of history and personal stories. In addition to utilizing gps mapping such as Google Earth, she frequently explores, sketches, and photographs the urban neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, and attempts to recreate the essence of the cityscape in three-dimensional steel.


The surface of these steel structures are etched to add a layer of detail, such as brick or siding, and the steel is cut, scored, and folded into a three-dimensional form. Alleyways and windows add depth, and layers of paint and rust suggest the age and history of the buildings. With this work, she hopes to convey the beauty and richness of the rust-belt urban cityscape.

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